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David Courtenay delivered this paper in July 2010 to staff working in the industry.  The presentation is designed to assist investigation staff in processing and evaluating claims.  The main focus will be on non cooperation, Under 25 and DUI. I will very briefly touch upon composite policies.

The topics in this paper are:

1. Non Cooperation

  • Onus of proof in insurance cases.
  • What may be required of an insured?
  • Does section 54 provide a remedy?
  • Investigating a claim where there is an allegation of mental illness.

2. s 54 and Scope of Cover/Policy Terms in Action

  • Drivers Under 25 Not Covered.
  • DUI.

3. Be Aware – Composite Policies

  • When and how do they arise? 
  • Can a policy be both joint and composite?
  • Effect of fraud on an innocent co-insured.

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David Courtenay specialises in litigation and has acted for a number of major banks, institutions and insurance companies.  David regularly delivers presentations to industry bodies.

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