Our experience in the areas of estate litigation and will disputes is extensive.

grandmother-453131_640David’s most notable Family Provision Act and Estate case ran for over 8 years and involved 26 separate Supreme Court actions, 6 appeals and 4 applications for Special Leave to the High Court.

By preserving assets and pressing claims for the return of benefits obtained by exercise of undue influence, the beneficiaries obtained more after all the litigation, than they would have received under the Will.

As to the future, the cost of housing, particularly in Sydney, necessarily means that wealth is being locked up by the elderly in real estate.

For most of the next generation unable to afford a deposit, their only hope of being able to own a home will depend upon their inheritance. Given the imbalance between the haves and have nots, and the increasingly larger sums now involved, and the breakdown of the nuclear family resulting in multiple spouses, Estate litigation is growing exponentially and we can assist both claimants and those seeking to defend their estate.

We can also assist with estate planning documents such as wills, powers of attorney, guardianships and advance care directives.

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