We specialise in litigation and have the skills and experience to deal with all sorts of disputes from simple debt recovery to complex commercial matters.

Our success is based on playing to our strengths and focusing upon what we are good at.  If on the rare occasion we are faced with a case outside our area of expertise, we are confident we can locate a team who has the right set of skills committed to helping you with your requirements.

Courtenay and co Litigation SpecialistsLitigation is stressful, costly, wasteful of time and resources and often productive of uncertain and unexpected results.  As a consequence we endorse the use of and fully utilise alternate dispute resolution techniques.

Ultimately, we recognise that though litigation is often unavoidable that it ought only to be used when other avenues have failed. To assist us we have a panel of what we believe to be some of Australia’s finest forensic experts specialising in fields from as far apart as gas chromatography and animal psychology to forensic locksmithing. With their help we can get you the assistance you need.

If you wish to discuss a matter with us, please contact us today.